Top 10 quotes on challenges

1. The Ultimate Measure Of A Man Is Not Where He Stands In Moments Of Comfort And Convenience, But Where He Stands At Times Of Challenge And Controversy. – Martin Luther King, Jr.
2. Find A Group Of People Who Challenge And Inspire You, Spend A Lot Of Time With Them, And It Will Change Your Life. – Amy Poehler
3. Being Challenged In Life Is Inevitable, Being Defeated Is Optional. – Roger Crawford
4. Life Is Either A Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All. – Helen Keller
5. Together We Can Face Any Challenges As Deep As The Ocean And As High As The Sky. – Sonia Gandhi
6. It’s Lack Of Faith That Makes People Afraid Of Meeting Challenges, And I Believed In Myself. ​- Muhammad Ali
7. Life’s Challenges Are Not Supposed To Paralyze You, They’re Supposed To Help You Discover Who You Are. – Bernice Johnson Reagon
8. The Manager Accepts The Status Quo; The Leader Challenges It. W- Warren Bennis
9. Success Is Due To Our Stretching To The Challenges Of Life. Failure Comes When We Shrink From Them. – John C. Maxwell
10. If You Aren’t In Over Your Head, How Do You Know How Tall You Are? – T.S. Eliot

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