Mission to Making Honest Business Man


Traders play a full role in the development of a country. The standard of any product of our country is going on day by day. In our country, the businessmen are forced to take various types of action. All businessmen want to profit. But the condition of the market, which will give the product at a lower price than the cheer, the competition has played 12 times the product. Not everyone is forced to do anything, because if the product is not offered at a lower price, its products and no one will buy it. Many of us say that we are upgrading but what is the basis of this country that the country’s business and business organizations Where is the business of the business going slowly?

How do we upgrade there? Let’s start by changing the situation. How do we let go of the destruction of the main foundation of our country? Because the destruction of these institutions will destroy our country. The situation cannot be expressed as such. No one will be lingering ahead for us to face this problem, why do not you, why do not we see a beautiful country? Why do we expect the government? We need more than just a handful of courage to deal with this problem.  

We just imagine the food we eat will eat fresh, there will be no adulterated product, businessmen will profit in certain quantities, we will give the VAT to the SAKAR businessmen, who will pay the right tax and determine the price of the product, without worrying about all this. We will get good products, the price of good things will be a little higher, but not so much because the extra cost will not be the organization. Would not we want to see such a country? We live in the hands of adulterated, number 2, bad products and black marketing? Out of it will be gently We started good practice. The young people have played a major role in all the activities of Bangladesh. Come again, let’s make these young people again and honest businessman, Bangladesh.

[Keep in mind that you and an opinion played a strong role in building an honest businessman with young people] From today’s day, I promise to build our honest businessman.

[If the Bengali people thought that the country would be liberated in exchange for the people of this country and the country was independent in exchange for the people – then our country would not have been independent]


Azadur Rahman

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