Management 10 Topics

Management 10 Topics


1. Link each section to your company’s “top goals”.

• First of all make the first top goal in the division.

2. Define how well your team will fulfill your “organizational goals”.

• Past reality = Current reality

• Previous Track Analysis.

3. Create a clear “performance metrics / number” for each category.

• Every man helps them find out their matrices measurable performance coupons.

• Attach the point of measurement measurement measurement with metrics.

• If every work is to be evaluated, the number of employees will increase.

4. You need to identify the “lack of skill” of each team member.

• Have a single meeting.

• Employees must be partners to meet the skill deficit in zero position.

• Training needs analysis and training needs identification.

5. Find opportunities for employees to improve and discuss how to create a separate professional development plan.

• Personal professional development plan

• Find opportunities for them to improve and discuss them.

• Do these tasks in the future.

6. Ask the solution based questions.

• The solution needs to be asked questions through a solution based question process.

• For example: What are you planning to contribute to major organizational goals?

• Then make separate plans with the staff.

7. Inspire your direct reports with “Game Ideas”.

• Empowering the performance of game modified ideas.

• Then the return of the promise is surrendered.

• It increases commitment.

• Game Change Idea plays the most role to change the result.

• All employees committed are real assets.

Move my whole organization away,

Remove all my equipment away,

Remove my entire plant away,

But give me the top man to me,

I’ll be back to this position in 5 years,

I’ll be back now better,

“Henry Ford”

8. Future response

• Do not ever mention the past mistakes made by your team member.

• Do not sorrow over the past, but use this experience.

• If the report card is displayed on the staff, then he is killed. So do not do the job.

• Correct them in the future.

• Have a future action plan their day

• Talk as much about the previous revisions.

• Talk about future corrections.

9. They have to measure their own performance.

• Help them to create a visible and compelling score board.

• Help your personalized direct report to maintain divisional division.

10. Maintain a deposit fund equation.

• Deposit equation should be very good.

• Make a good 40% deposit to the equation in this ratio

                                                           Upgrade 20%

                                                           40% deposit

• Earn faith first then expand faith.

Manage performance and increase results.

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