Azadur Rahman


Business Coach.

Azadur Rahman is an Entrepreneur and Business Coach. He is the Founder of United Saud Group. He best practice in Green Business Concept and Marketing Strategy is Blue Ocean Marketing also expertise in Management Principle. He interested in Software & Technology.


Focus, Vision, Mission, Leadership, Man Power, Will, Execution, Attitude, Possibility Scanner, Risk Management, Believe – Behave – Beget, Profitability, Scalability, Story, Frame Works, Business Model, Fast Mover, Speed of Transaction, Competitive Advantage, Speed of Implementation, Game Changing Idea,  Business Management, Strategy, Financial Stabilities (Inflation), Self Dependent, Productivity, Time Management, Dream, Improve Not Prove, Etiquette, Team Building, Motivation, Sell/ Sale, Double Growth, Effective Plan, Market Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Blue Ocean Strategy, Innovation, Invention, Change Management, Value Creation, Value Delivery, Finance, Support, Smart Work, Money Management, Belief System, Time Management, Customer Complain, Quick Success, Stress Management, Investment, More Price, Premium Sale, Branding, Price and Product Strategy, Product Strategy, Discount, Low Cost Company, Marketing Value Proposition, Increase Multiple Business, Business Proposal, Face Reading, Business Policy, Brand Equity, Business Psychological Sale, Brand Position, Balance Sheet, Re Investment, Advertisement, High Performance Team, Company Culture, Business Adoption Curve, Analysis.