10 Times Better Sell Theory

10 Times Better Sell Theory

*** Connect with customers at the “Problems and goals” center ***

  • Effective marketing results are coming up. If any business is sitting in the business enterprise, the product will not be sold, and if the marketing is not good and the results cannot be expected then, in this case, the effective marketing needs.

You establish relationships with your customer. How to establish relationships? At first, you will know who you are? Are you a salesman or consultant? The salesman sells the product only and the consultant solves your problem. If someone comes to sell the product to you first you will not buy it. If you come to solicit a problem, you will accept it. Meet with him in the field of relationship. Take a look at the thing we all want to say but in this case, customers have to say. If you tell them, you can find solutions. Not because I told him before, and then I would say, this can not be done, tell customers to establish a relationship.

All the successful people of the world are trying to know before and then they have implemented it. So let’s say before the 1st section, then say in the 16th chapter. You do not go to the debate at the exact point of the customer exactly what you say. If he says that my problem is that the problem you say would be okay. You understand their problems and then fits in the space you are making your product.

Now what kind of questions can be made? You can ask four questions on them: 1. Demand, 2. Profit, 3 Anxiety and 4 Speaking of expectations

Ratio = Subscriber 80% – Consultant 20%

Everyone’s marketing, focusing on the characteristics, benefits, and benefits of a product, but you just do marketing on the basis of benefits. Features and Benefits No customers will be able to buy because they have not used the product or service, so do marketing on the basis of benefits only. Always remember one thing that customers will not be able to conjoin any time to build relationships with them.

If you sell the machine then it will be said that you do not give the machine to give you the money-printing machine.

Do not worry about the price at any time when you can get it needed, you will not ask for money.


“There is no washing in the world as many wash-ups, no money was wasted by saving money,

Made money by earning money “.

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